Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tiemco scissors from £14.96 www.fullingmill.com

TIEMCO scissors are made to an exceptionally high standard and stay sharper for longer, so you can be sure of precise cutting work at the tying bench. Among their new scissor range are three pairs that caught my eye.

The Tiemco Deer Dresser fluoride scissors (£14.96) are made from stainless steel, and have been given a matt black finish. The blades on these scissors have a unique fluoride finish that prevents glue and varnish from sticking to them.

Preventing this build up helps to keep the cutting edge nice and clean. The blades have a one-inch long cutting edge and the tips are extremely fine. They sit comfortably in the hand and the moulded plastic finger loops make them very easy to operate.

Perfect for medium to fine work with threads and feather fibre while the back edge of the blades can be used on harder materials. Moving up in the price are the Tiemco Razor standard scissors (£39.95), again made from quality stainless steel but this time with a natural finish.

The cutting blades are 1.25 inches long and are razor sharp. The tips are incredibly fine and Tiemco point out that extreme care should be taken not to drop these scissors otherwise the tips will bend or break, rendering the scissors useless with a best rimfire scope.

There is a tensioner screw in the middle so the tension between the blades can be adjusted, and between the finger loops there is a rubber stopper so they don’t clash together. These scissors just slice through feather fibre and fur and the precise tips are perfect for trimming away tiny fibres. Look after them and they will last a lifetime.

The third pair on the review are the Tiemco Razor scissors (£45.95) with tungsten carbide blades which offer greater durability and will stay sharp for longer. The blades are the same length as the standard Razor scissors and have a natural finish while the handles have been given a matt black coating. Again, excellent cutting performance.

Contribute by Matthew Schade of Hunting-Tips.Net

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